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Hullaballoo Collective at the Fountain Art Fair


We are very proud to have received many mentions in the press:

Brooklyn Rail
Fountain Art Fair, 69th Armory Building
“Cidgem Tankut’s cellular wall sculptures of coiled, multicolored fabric, hidden amongst the chaotic and overfilled booth of the Hullabaloo Collective. ”
-Margaret Graham

The New Criterion
The other fairs

“and the crowded (in a good way) multi-artist booth of the Hullaballoo Collective.”
-Brian P. Kelly

Do It Yourself and Do It Well at Fountain Art Fair

“I also picked Cigdem Tankut’s work out of an overfilled booth by a collective named Hullaballoo. Tankut’s intriguing pieces featured different kinds and colors of fabric rolled and crammed together like artistic sushi.”
-Jillian Steinhauer

Arte Fuse includes a picture of Hullaballoo Artist Adrienne Moumin and our booth:
A Photographer’s Tour: Fountain Art Fair 2014

Thank you to our artists for blogging about the show:
Art of Collage
Art by Iris

The New York Times also mentions the Fair:
Shopping for a Masterpiece (With Help) for $5,000



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