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Bascha Mon | Hullaballoo Collective

Hullaballoo Collective

Oil on Linen Canvas24"  x 24”  2012
Earth/ Water/ Sky a Prayer for the GoddessOil on Linen Canvas
24" x 24” 2012
Encaustic and Collage.Dimensions Variable
Installation: White Mountain/ BattlefieldEncaustic and Collage.
Dimensions Variable 2010
Oil on Linen Canvas56 ¾"  x 46”  2012
A History of Dreams Remembered and Forgotten (for Proust and Freud)Oil on Linen Canvas
56 ¾" x 46” 2012
Oil on Linen Canvas24 " x  24”  2012
Jelly Fish WigglesOil on Linen Canvas
24 " x 24” 2012
Oil on Linen Canvas24"  x  24”  2012
Magic GardenOil on Linen Canvas
24" x 24” 2012
Oil on Linen Canvas
48"  x  48”  2012
Paddling and Feeling Silly/ or Goofy Ghost RidersOil on Linen Canvas
48" x 48” 2012
Encaustic with US toy flag; straw and jute27 ½"  x 35”  2010
Will Wheat Ever Replace the Opium/Poppy CropEncaustic with US toy flag; straw and jute
27 ½" x 35” 2010

Bascha Mon

Life and Art are a Journey

An art life of over 4 decades has taken my work through many phases. Painter, Mixed –Media, Sculpture, Installation, Digital Prints and Lithographs – all have been exhibited and garnered grants . The flood of Irene and the hurricane Sandy set me back 2 years; my studio has been rebuilt. I am rediscovering oils and excited to explore new themes. “Tsunami:Loss” and “Mountains, Barriers and Poppy Fields” all encaustic, were my last solo shows. Now, after disasters of my own, I am teasing and testing : color, memory, and the unconscious, mixing abstraction and realism. I am revisiting whimsy as I did in the sculptures of “Family Portraits”. My journey goes on as new ideas are explored.

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