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Gülsen Calik | Hullaballoo Collective

Hullaballoo Collective

Gulsen Calik, Egg Mending 7
Egg Mending 74" x 4", Mixed Media
26" x 26", Acrylic on Wood
Sulfur Spa26" x 26", Acrylic on Wood

Gülsen Calik

On October 7, 2007,  I wrote on a piece of paper, “This way to the Museum of Thought,” and stuck it on a hallway leading to an empty room. A tiny, hand-lettered sign inside read: ”ONE JAGGED BLACK LINE CRISSCROSSES THE FLOOR AND ANOTHER ONE, LIME GREEN, RUBS AGAINST IT.”  On subsequent visits, I changed the sign: “A LINE DRAWING OF TWO HORSES ON TWO SHEETS, EACH ONE 23×23 INCHES.” ”ALL THE WALLS, CEILING AND FLOOR PAINTED SAFFRON YELLOW.”  I thought about the black and lime green lines; the linear drawing of horses; the exact shade of saffron yellow; the texture, taste, smell and temperature of the saffron room; all of which were left to the imagination. I wondered if anyone would buy the thought, implicitly removing it from public domain. I stayed in the space between the written description on the wall and the imagery it conjured in the mind, making it unnecessary to turn thoughts into matter. Still, I decided to leave The Museum of Thought intact. “Another second, and yet another thought,” I thought, crossing the threshold.

Gulsen Calik, Sulfur Spa 26″ x 26″, Acrylic on Wood[/caption]

Gulsen Calik, Egg Mending 7 4″ x 4″, Mixed Media[/caption]

Gulsen Calik, Egg Mending 9-17 10″ x 16″, Mixed Media[/caption]

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