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Helen Crawford | Hullaballoo Collective

Hullaballoo Collective

oil, acrylic and graphite on paper9 x 9 inches 2012
ravine 01oil, acrylic and graphite on paper
9 x 9 inches

Helen Crawford

I paint scenes of inner fiction.

I respond to moments of alienation.
I look for beauty to find the soft aggression of solitude that lies underneath. This disconnect throws me off balance and I find myself seeking comfort in the solidity of a tactile environment.

In my work I utilize daily visual perceptions to launch investigations that are simultaneously abstract and pictorial. I am concerned with acts of excavation as a means to uncover places where beauty and agression collide.

Born in Brooklyn during a blizzard, Helen is lover of warm weather, big cities, trains, rowboats, roller skates and paint.

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