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Sharon Appel | Hullaballoo Collective

Hullaballoo Collective

Glitter on Canvas8x10 inches20.3x25.4 cm
Moorea Motu (glitter)Glitter on Canvas
8x10 inches
20.3x25.4 cm
Pastel on Paper9x12 inches23x30.5 cm
(Not) Crane Beach AtollPastel on Paper
9x12 inches
23x30.5 cm
Pastel on Paper27.5x19.5 inches69.9x49.5 cm
The New GoatPastel on Paper
27.5x19.5 inches
69.9x49.5 cm
Pastel on Paper11x15 inches28x38 cm
Charlotte NocturnePastel on Paper
11x15 inches
28x38 cm
Pastel on Paper14x18 inches36x46 cm
Before the StormPastel on Paper
14x18 inches
36x46 cm
Pastel on Paper22x30 inches56x72 cm
The KayakerPastel on Paper
22x30 inches
56x72 cm
Pastel on paper9x12 inches23x30.5 cm
Eddie y su PianoPastel on paper
9x12 inches
23x30.5 cm
Pastel on Paper12x17 inches30.5x43.2 cm
Plage des BaleinesPastel on Paper
12x17 inches
30.5x43.2 cm
Pastel on Paper11x15 inches28x38 cm
Beach at MaupitiPastel on Paper
11x15 inches
28x38 cm

Sharon Appel

Sharon Appel fuses art with jazz. Her seascapes and landscapes sparkle, shimmer, and swirl, their idyllic subject matter inspired by the South Seas. Artists and curators describe her as a cross between Bonnard and Milton Avery, and evoking Signac, Seurat, Cross and Petitjean. Appel’s painting breaks new ground by bringing jazz and Latin rhythms into the visual. The music propels and directs the work: its creation, mood, structure, and patterning. In Appel’s words: “The paintings are a synesthetic reflection of the blissful confluence of wild, spectacular scenery, with wild, spectacular music, in an environment of total isolation and freedom, in far-flung, untouched, tropical nature.” She is represent- ed in Montreal by Galerie d’Arts Contemporains.

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